Hello there Kitty sewing machine

With Hello Kitty sewing equipment from Janome, it is possible to train your little one concerning how to hem your cloths. This sewing equipment is environmentally friendly colored an functions some gorgeous flower designs that emphasize its gorgeous appearance. The sewing machine also functions half a dozen-in-built stitches and it can reach these places in your garment which can be hard to accessibility. I have gathered a number of the features and specifications concerning this device- Hello Kitty sewing machine

Specifications and Features

  • Hello Kitty sewing machine is really a lightweight sewing machine with a buttonhole and six built in stitches
  • Buttonhole stitch kind
  • It offers 8 stitch styles
  • Bobbin Sort: Front Load
  • 4 buttonhole methods
  • Presser Feet Included: Zig Zag Ft ., Buttonhole Foot,
  • Proportions: 10. ” Height x 12.75 ” Size by 5.62 ” Level

Janome Hello Kitty sewing machine

  • It weighs in at about 11. Lb.
  • This sewing equipment is made of high-influence ABS resin
  • Other individuals functions include Weighty-Obligation Metallic Body, Built-In Storage space, De-Clutch system Bobbin Winder and Opposite Stitch


  • 5 Calendar year Minimal Warranty if your sewing equipment breaks up or malfunctions
  • Characteristics opposite stitch for easy place-in threading method, strengthening seams and 4-point supply-canine program that help a lot to keep the material giving straight
  • This sewing device is made with a free-arm that is utilized specifically in those places inside a garment which are regarded as tough to get to.
  • This cost- arm also behaves as a deal with for simple device relocating. Occasionally additionally, it may act as a breeze-on feet method


  • This sewing machine has couple of seem concerns. Noises issues arise from time to time and you will see that it is manageable. Many folks also complain of mincing sounds but which is also manageable.
  • You will find hardly any other noteworthy disadvantages a part from monetary price for some people who definitely are lower income earners

Bottom line

The Hello there Kitty sewing device from Janome is an excellent machine for virtually any individual. It is actually appropriate for newbies who definitely are planning to find out basic sewing services and in addition pros who are planning to adverse their sewing occupations. I prefer by using this sewing machine due to its six-in-built stitches function that may reach individuals locations in your garment which can be difficult to access. If you are intending to purchase oneone, i strongly recommend this sewing machine for you.

Some of the best sewing machines.

Brother CS6000i sewing machine, one of the best beginner’s sewing machines


Brother CS6000i is computerized sewing machine and this means its operation has better results and fewer mistakes. It is a reliable and durable sewing machine and thanks to its computerized operations it reports precise results and few operational errors. If you set up the parts incorrectly, you will be prompted with an error message warning you to be careful before working on your garment. This model shows you which presser foot to use when you change stitches. The majority of professionals who have used this machine before says that this sewing machine effectively and efficiently with a range of complex and simple projects-from blankets to clothing and costumes.

Ease of use

This sewing machine is easy to use and transport. Professional sewers or those beginners who are looking to get few basics say that this sewing machine makes sewing fun. Many people actually praise its LCD screen. Its instrumental manual is simple and straightforward. The extension table is well designed for quitters and it is easier and convenient to work on larger projects and quits. Brother CS6000i is designed in lightweight materials which make it easier and convenient when carrying the cases especially if you are transporting the machine for long distances. Few users complain only on usability issues which are not technical to handle. Other people warn that this sewing machine, when it is turned off, loses its last stitch. But I think this is not a very serious problem and to avoid this you may want to keep record of the last stitch you were using.


Brother CS6000iis a quieter sewing machine. There are very few reported comments regarding sewing machine’s noise. You will find that many people have been complaining on some brands because of the noise issues. But with Brother CS6000i, the manufacturers have work on it to minimize it operational noise issues. With this respect, some people have been referring to this machine as that ‘quieter sewing machine’. When you hear ‘weird noises” or ‘loud noises’ from this model, you have to take serious measures since may be your sewing machine has malfunctioned.

Bottom Line

For those people with a limited budget and aspirations to learn some sewing projects, the Brother CS6000i is the best sewing machine for them. With an LCD screen, computerized operations, 60 stitches, adjustable sewing speed control and a walking foot, this sewing machine can give you all the services that you want.